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Stacey Luetmer - Flourish Health


Stacey Luetmer, MD, Owner of Flourish Health joins host Ken Haglind on “Living Healthy and Aging Well” radio show to discuss how she has balanced Western medicine and Functional/Integrative medicine to promote long-term solutions for her patients to age well.

​Dr. Luetmer is a board certified family practice physician who has worked in the Alexandria Lakes Area for the past 25 years in general family medicine as well as urgent care and acute care and started her own clinic in 2019 in order to practice medicine the way she always dreamed she could.

Dr. Luetmer’s clinic has gained the attention of other functional MDs who are now adopting her approach and are collaborating with Dr. Luetmer under the Flourish Health banner. Dr. Luetmer’s goal is to expand Flourish Health to become a nationwide network of Functional MDs working together to benefit their respective patients. In the meantime, Dr. Luetmer is hosting an exclusive health retreat in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands in January for individuals interested in aging well, disease recovery, and prevention.

For more information visit or call 320-204-5673.