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Nell Aburto - Minnesota Funeral Photography


“What is a funeral photographer and why are they needed?” Nell Aburto, owner and lead photographer at Minnesota Funeral Photography joins Ken Haglind to answer this question, and discuss the uncommon and virtually unknown genre of funeral and celebration of life photography.

As with many things in life, Nell’s mom and dad were her inspiration because it was at their recent funerals that her idea began. She explains, “For both occasions, my sisters and I worked very hard to ensure that the funerals were uplifting. Even though it was a solemn time, and we were experiencing intense sadness, their funerals were truly a celebration of beautiful lives that meant so much to us and to other people.”

“Because I am a photographer, I tried to take my own pictures, but was too busy chatting with people or taking care of other matters. I really wish we would have had someone there who could have photographed all of the gorgeous flowers, the food presentation and centerpieces, the memory table display we made, and the funeral service itself because my sisters and I spoke and all the grandchildren sang a beautiful song about how families can be together forever. Most importantly, I wanted to have pictures with our beloved relatives and friends who came to support us. This is the service that I now want to provide for other families.”